Caked Up provides more seating inside with expansion

Caked Up has expanded its dining space and more. Staff photo.

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – One of downtown Durant’s growing businesses has made improvements to its facility to make for a more spacious dine-in experience.

Business presented by Kiamichi Tech.

Caked Up, located 201 W. Main St., has expanded its dining area and adjusted its displays to open up its space for more customers and more seating to enjoy the sweets inside.

Lauran Fuller, owner and operator of Caked Up, said the business had simply made use of the space it had before. And with the kitchen and front space for her products, there wasn’t a lot of room for seating.

“I initially was OK with that, because I just wanted it to be a come-and-go place,” Fuller said. “But as the years have gone on, we have more families that want to come and sit and more people who want to have parties and so we had the opportunity to take on some extra space and move everything back so that we could provide more seating and get more families in here that could actually sit down and enjoy our goodies without having to be chased out the door.”

Fuller said it’s been a steady evolution.

“We started out so small and we just built and built slowly and slowly and now I feel like I’ve finally come to a good place.”

Caked Up offers a wide variety of sweet things for its customers.

Some of the sweets offered at Caked Up. Photo by Jayla McWilliams.

“Currently, we do cupcakes and cookies and ice cream,” Fuller said. “But within that we also have bars, like brownies and lemon bars, cake pops and cake bites. We have ice cream packaged to go. We have whole cakes ready. We carry just a variety of sweets and we’re always looking to expand and look for something new.”

The expansion offers more room for its dine-in customers and Fuller encouraged everyone to not only come by, but also to try something new.

“Because even if you’ve been in before, I guarantee you there is something you haven’t tried yet. And that is what we always encourage people to do is to try something new.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t carry something I didn’t personally like. And so when people come in and ask me what my favorite is, I can’t answer because I wouldn’t make it if I didn’t love it.”

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