#ShopCalera – Bad Boy Mowers

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The Patriot continues with the weekly feature, #ShopCalera, highlighting businesses around the Calera area. With construction starting soon that will disrupt the normal flow of traffic through the area and have other challenging effects on the town, it is important to keep our local businesses and organizations at the forefront of our minds and support our towns and county during this time and beyond.

Business presented by KTC.

Today’s featured business: Bad Boy Mowers. Tommy Kirby, who works sales, service and management, said this location was opened up for a couple of reasons.

“Bad Boy Mowers was wanting to open a location here about 10 years ago,” Kirby said.

“And about 11 years ago, we had bought (another brand) zero-turn mower that was close to $6,000 and it basically completely fell apart in about six months. So that left a bad taste in our mouths. But after that, my uncle bought a Bad Boy mower for about $3,000. He mows four acres with it. That was 11 years ago and he is still mowing with it today.

“Since then, the boss took it from there and decided to open up here.”

The Calera location of Bad Boy Mowers has been open since 2012 and the ownership group has five employees.

Kirby said Bad Boy sells the best mowers at the best prices.

“And we service all of them and keep all the parts in stock for Bad Boys and Kohler and Kawasaki engines.”

He invited everyone to come out and see them at 1504 S. McKinley Ave.

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