“If there is a need, then we do it!”

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Sometimes it just takes a few conversations about a need, a want, an opportunity. And Tascha and Brian Bond listened and put things into motion.

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Bond Laundry Co. is completing is second full week open for business. The business had a soft opening this month to train employees and work out some details and in the days since customers have been coming in with frequency.

Durant has had laundry and dry cleaning businesses through the years and prior to the opening of this new venture, there was only one such business currently open. In a city that is experiencing growth like Durant, that was a big reason Tascha said she chose to take on this new pursuit.

“My husband is a banker and I teach full time at Southeastern and I’m a real estate agent,” Bond said. “So in our professions, we are heavy consumers of dry cleaning and laundry services. We’ve been doing that for years.

“And we just saw that there was a need and the more that we listened to friends and listened to people and acquaintances with which we have relationships in the community, they expressed the same thing.”

State-of-the-art equipment at work at Bond Laundry Co. Staff photo.

Bond said with people moving to Durant and coming into town for work and food and more, that need became more apparent.

“With 17,000 residents, there was only one dry cleaners and we just thought that was a need and we’re doers. If there is a need, whether it be something we can volunteer for, or that we can do in a civic organization – then we do it.

“We saw that was a need for a dry cleaning and laundry service, so we opened one!”

Bond said when they chose to open, they made the decision to purchase new equipment.

“Everything is brand new and state-of-the-art,” Bond said. “And we made sure when we designed the plant that we designed it with enough commercial washers and dryers to also handle our starched jeans and our shirts that we anticipate we’ll be able to do for our region, but also for washable laundry services.

“It’s the latest and greatest. I’m not completely sure what our competitors use, but one thing we do is to use hydrocarbon solvents for our dry cleaning, rather than perc. Perc (perchloroethylene) is used a lot in dry cleaners – it’s not as safe for the environment and it’s a little harsher on clothes.”

The business at 321 N. Washington Ave. in Durant is open and going strong.

“People who are just waiting to see don’t have to wait any longer. We have the kinks and the bugs worked out. We’re ready to go and ready to provide services.”

Dry cleaning is offered, as well as wash and fold laundry.

“Everything is barcoded here, so we can track your items through the system,” Bond said. “That helps to make sure you get your items back. We offer next-day service, so turnaround time is quick. And you won’t have to wonder when your items are ready because we’ll send you a personal text message.”

The tagline for the business is: Drop Your Drawers Here

And Bond said everyone is welcome to do just that.

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