Snow came to Bryan County on Tuesday and the winter weather has affected the normal school routine. Here is a look at the county schools and their announcements as to what they are planning for Wednesday.

ACHILLE] Wednesday will be a Virtual Day; back in class as usual on Thursday.

BENNINGTON] Wednesday will be a Distance Learning Day.

CADDO] No school on Wednesday; back on Thursday.

CALERA] As of Tuesday evening, anticipating having school on Wednesday.

COLBERT] Buses will run one hour late. There will be school on Wednesday.

DURANT] As of Wednesday at 6:35 a.m., no announcement that school is closed on Wednesday.

ROCK CREEK] School is closed for Wednesday; back on Thursday.

SILO] School is closed for Wednesday.

SOUTHEASTERN] Announcement: SE is open for classes on Wednesday.

VICTORY LIFE] Snow Day on Wednesday; back on Thursday.

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