Mullin releases statement on situation with Iran

Markwayne Mullin - official photo.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) released a statement after President Trump addressed the nation following Iranian missile strikes on two American air bases in Iraq on Tuesday night.

“Since he has been in office, President Trump has shown great restraint with Iran,” Mullin said. “When Soleimani wounded and killed innocent Americans off the battlefield, he was forced to respond. I support our men and women in uniform one hundred percent, and I applaud President Trump for taking the action necessary to keep Americans safe at home and abroad.”


  1. billy williams says:

    Lets put congress back to work and end the impeachment bullshit, millions and millions spent on an unjust cause..The Demotards are just pissed he is/was not a politician and was AMERICAN with a plan and goal, and they have fought him for 3 years..Impeach and he will be elected POTUS again in 2020…js TRUMP 2020

  2. Glenn Price says:

    Thanks for information. I agree 100%. I support the President and include him in my prayers.

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