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There is still time to order from Amazon and get a delivery in time for Christmas!    So what should order for the fitness enthusiast in your life? Fortunately, there are some fantastic products to allow you to get a great workout at home or on the road when you cannot get to the gym.

Quiet Punch – a simple to set-up and use device that you mount in between just about any standard door.     Once it is set-up it provides a square punching surface mounted between two poles that go across the door frame and is suspended by bungee cords from the poles. You can really get after it and get a fantastic boxing workout that is does not shake the house down. The app comes with great workouts and the system has a cell phone holder so you can watch and follow one of the many boxing/fitness videos available through the app. You can purchase from Amazon or directly at At $125 Quiet Punch is not cheap but not that expensive and is really a fun workout for those who enjoy boxing.

Floor Dolly Systems – there are several great floor dolly systems that allow you to get a fantastic core workout and work the rest of your body at the same time. These products emphasize the eccentric or muscle lengthening portion of an exercise in a simple but profound way and there are endless exercises you can do in a small area. Get ready for some big time soreness if you go after it hard the first time since these products place a strong emphasis on the muscle lengthening phase of each exercise since you have to control your movement. Harder surfaces tend to greatly magnify the challenge while carpeted surfaces create more resistance. Great products in this category include:

Core Flyte by Flight Fitness which provides two small hand/foot dollies with three ball rollers with a sealed bearing system. Although they are small they work on many different surfaces band because there are two provides you can put both hands or both feet or both knees on them which allows many exercise variations to allow you to effectively overload every muscle group in the body. Core flytes can be purchased on Amazon or directly from and are reasonably priced at $85.

Core Coaster is another dolly device at a much lower price point. It has larger wheels rather than using the balls like Core Flyte. If you are going to use on carpets this product should allow smoother movement because of the larger wheels and the platforms are also much larger than Core Flyte. The three wheels are mounted in a swiveling carriage mounted to bottom of the platform which allows 360 movement just like the Core Flyte.  At $39 these are a steal!  You can purchase directly from Amazon.

Elastic Resistance – are a fantastic way to provide a full body workout that can be done in a very small space and virtually anywhere. There are two main types of elastic resistance:

Circular Tubing that usually has handles attached – can purchase many different types directly from Amazon

Flat Circular or directly from Amazon

If you also include a door mount which typically is placed through the inside edge of the door jam while door. Then you close the door and there is usually a loop or other way to attach tubing to this anchor so that you can push and pull against the tubing.

There are literally hundreds of highly effective exercises than can be done with elastic resistance and for less than $100 you can buy several different sizes/strengths of bands and sizes along with door mount and take them anywhere! Resistance bands can be purchased directly from Amazon and great brands include Lifeline Fitness and for flat circular bands.

Suspension Trainers – the most well-known is TRX, but there are quite a few high-quality options.   Suspension Trainers use straps with handles and by adjusting your hand and foot position relative to the straps and where they anchored you can do hundreds of exercises and work your body head to toe.   These systems are light and very easy to transport. Most come with some type of door or universal mounting system to allow you to use them in many places from a hotel room to a playground to a gym.

High quality Suspension Trainers include:

TRX – the most well know product on the market and it is available from TRX available on Amazon for $149. Or buy directly from TRX at

Lifeline Jungle Gym XT – another fantastic product with a split anchor design which allows you to precisely target certain muscles better such as chest doing chest flys. At $99.99 this is a great value and a virtually indestructible product. This product can be purchased from Amazon or at

Cross-Core 180 – if you want the Cadillac of Suspension Trainers this is probably your pick!  By far the most versatile in the category, virtually indestructible, and most importantly allow a unique rotation anchor system that provides an adjustable level of extra instability and movement that can take your workouts to a whole new level. The handle and adjustment systems are also the best and allow many more types of exercises than any other product in this category. At $249.95 on Amazon its not cheap but you do get what you pay for here! Also available at

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