Exercise beats medication for mental health

Workout Anytime
Greg Maurer

You heard that right – yet another study has shown that regular exercise can be more effective than medication for the treatment of mental illness – such as depression!

The latest study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine – looked at 97 studies making it one of the most extensive research reviews to date.

The study found that regular exercise of 12 weeks or less were highly effective for improving mental illness symptoms and that higher-intensity exercises showed greater improvements for depression and anxiety. Notably the study also concluded that all kinds of physical activity can significantly reduce symptoms!

The groups that benefitted most from physical activity were people with depression, women who were pregnant and postpartum, people with kidney disease, HIV-positive people and even totally healthy people.

The study concluded that a little exercise can go a long way in improving mental health symptoms and that all types of physical activity studied were helpful.

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