Bullard introduces bills to protect rights and lives of Unborn Persons

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By Sen. David Bullard

Since the beginning of my campaign I have taken a very straight-forward approach to abortion. I want to end abortion.

The pathway to protect the unborn is often cluttered with strong opinions and misinformation. Couple that with a court system that is bent on stopping the protection of babies and on preventing women from protecting themselves against a corrupt and powerful abortion industry, and you have a system that is hard to change.

It has been wrongly taught that Roe v. Wade is about freedom. It is blatantly obvious this mindset misses the mark and completely ignores the freedom and rights of the child. The two bills that I am submitting today are an attempt to right this wrong and bring the ship back on course. The goal of this combined legislation is to protect life and get Oklahoma out of the abortion business. In fact, these bills will make Oklahoma a sanctuary state for the unborn.

The Unborn Person Equality Act mirrors language already upheld by the Supreme Court, accomplishes a necessary need in Oklahoma. The act recognizes the life growing inside a mother’s womb is a person who deserves and must, according to the Constitution, be given natural rights of citizenship in this country. It invokes the 14th Amendments equal protection clause to the unborn.

Furthermore, it establishes that this unborn person has the Fifth Amendment right to life, liberty and property, and a right of due process of law. In order to correct the wrongs of abortion, it is essential to establish that the person in the womb retains these rights just like all American citizens.

The Unborn Person Wrongful Death Act gives Oklahoma mothers and families recourse against a corrupt abortion industry. This industry often gains consent to perform abortions by deceit. Oklahoma families deserve means to defend themselves by using due process of our legal system to sue for wrongful death of the unborn person.

A person willing to perform an abortion on an unborn person must take responsibility for the wrongful death of that person. It is not the heavy hand of government, but the ability of “the people” to defend themselves against a corrupt and powerful enemy.

The combination of these two bills provide an opportunity for Oklahoma to lead the nation in protecting the unborn. These bills protect the rights of both unborn persons and mothers. The Constitutional rights that every citizen in our nation has guaranteed, will now be applied to unborn persons. Also, mothers and family members will now have the power to combat an incredibly powerful abortion industry.


  1. Ellen Walker says:

    I am so glad that someone is brave enough to tackle this issue of abortion with a bill to save the lives of the unborn.

  2. Lana Hankey says:

    You have my full support !!!!

  3. Jay Perry says:

    Very well put

  4. Paul Yoder says:

    Thank you very much. God bless.

  5. Skylar Wolf says:

    Senator Bullard, I understand your stance on abortion. I do not understand how you can justify the taking away of women’s constitutional reproductive rights. You are fine with taking away constitutional rights to protect “unborn persons” but not OK with taking away constitutional rights to protect very alive children trying to go to school without being shot at? I don’t believe in guns being taken from citizens just as I dont believe this choice should be taken away from citizens. If these bills pass, we will be going back years of progress.

  6. Huntington Pughe says:

    This is disgusting. I’m ashamed that I thought highly of you as a student in your class, especially during a time when welcoming me with open arms during the worst mental health issues I have experienced was something I desperately needed within Denison ISD school walls. Now, you’re off in the world of politics restricting the rights of women, pushing for a stronger government involvement in healthcare, and creating a trope against women who receive private medical care. You are a horrible person for this. I hope you care about those fetuses as much once they’re born as you do when they’re still parasites feeding off of someone else’s body. No uterus, no opinion.

    • Jim Branscum says:

      The mother made a choice to get pregnant. You can say well…. this or that but the fact is she chose to accept from a man what causes Pregnancy. Now you have life.
      murder should have never been legalized in the first place. So here we are. No, a woman should NOT have a choice to murder, period. End of story!
      Keep up the good work, Mr. Bullard.
      They are not fetuses nor are they not parasites —— it is a baby. Sad that people do not value life!

  7. Christi says:

    This bill will hurt all Oklahoma females from all ages.it will have our legal system over run by frivolous law suits. It will have family members going after each other for the Unborn. Oklahoma didn’t offer alot of things and some were illegal and everybody drove over state lines to get that service.

  8. Linda Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for standing up for the unborn! So proud of you!

  9. Margaret Echols says:

    Why not see to it that all the already born protected? Then once you get that accomplished, I’ll bet more people would be inclined to bring babies into a world where they aren’t attacked by pedophiles, starved, & beaten. Make it to where the already born have homes, bellies full of good food, and proper medical care, you know, like what needs to happen with homeless vets. How about you see to it that American people are treated better than illegal immigrants instead of vice versa. Otherwise, what good is it to bring American children into this world? They are just more prey for predators at this stage. Is that what you want??!

  10. Jamie says:

    I am a woman and am proud of our Senator for this. I understand that there are scared, pregnant women, but we can do so much more for them besides just ending the life inside of them. Abortions can leave long lasting emotional impact. It’s isn’t the best solution. Let’s walk with them through the pregnancy, support them, and VALUE the new, miracle of life inside of them.

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