“More Than Words” means just that for Durant Church of Christ

Members of the Durant Church of Christ working to serve the community. Photo provided.

By Joey McWilliams

Big things are ahead in 2021 for the Durant Church of Christ. But to wrap up things this year, the body is putting action with the words it hears from the Word.

Logan Cates, a minister at the Durant Church of Christ, said the church is making the most of a time when the people aren’t within the walls of a building.

Serving hot chocolate at the Lighting of the Christmas Tree at City Hall was a part of the More Than Words activity.

“We’re kind of quarantined right now just for the month or month and a half,” Cates said. “We kind of shut services down until Jan. 3 just to slow down this virus a little bit, and we decided since everybody’s sitting at home not to just sit at home.

“We wanted to do 31 days of what’s called More Than Words. So we did this 31 days and everyday the congregation can take part in something, whether it’s feeding the homeless or bringing coats to the library for the homeless people.

“One day we took baskets (or buckets is what they were) of really cool goodies and gift cards to the COVID medical teams down there at the Durant hospital.”

People in the congregation have access to a calendar and the opportunity through each day of the month to give and/or serve individuals and groups.

“They could see the calendar so they’d know what was coming up, and so they could take part,” Cates said. “The buckets were down at the dining room at the church so people could come down and put whatever they wanted in it.

Buckets of goodies have been taken to teacher and health care workers.

“We’ve caroled to specific people. And for the Durant teachers, 185 teachers, we got them little goodies as well just to say thank you for what they’re doing, because they’ve had a tough job for the last several months.”

Cates said some days were smaller days and some days offered big projects and that the people have jumped in to be involved.

“One day we went down to the Chamber of Commerce when they lit the Christmas tree and we fed them cookies and hot chocolate to say, ‘Thank you,’ for what you do as well and so it was kind of a neat thing there.

“And it’s just been amazing to see these people showing up with coats. I don’t know how many trips with coats we made to the library just to help.

“People just want to help.”

Cates has been messages periodically throughout the month on his Facebook page updating people on the process and the blessing it is to others.

“I guess that’s what the community’s looking for, is not just talking about it, but, ‘Let’s go do it!’

“We just wanted to say, ‘Hey, let’s not just talk about it on Sunday morning, let’s go do it.’ So I’m trying to figure out ways that we can do that.

The congregation is also about to officially open its new facility on Jan. 3, 2021, at its new location in north Durant, just north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 69/75 and State Highway 48/78 (N. First Ave.).

And anyone who would like can get involved. One way is to connect with Cates through his Facebook page.

“It all comes back to Christ. We’ve got an awesome community here. I love it. I really do. They are good people.”

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