Josh Brecheen announces campaign for U.S. House of Representatives

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Winning elections is meaningless if we lose our nation. For 40 years Republicans have won elections yet refused to truly face our nation’s giants.

With a $30 trillion debt crisis, will we continue to sell our children’s future for 30 pieces of silver? Given Medicare is insolvent in just four years, Social Security insolvent in 11 years, and every child now owes $90,000 as their share of the national debt, true leaders must arise. They must be fixated on freedom and not willing to kick the can down the road yet again.

America is desperate for problem solvers who will actually stop waste, fraud and abuse, and not just give meaningless lip service to it. The Constitution and courage beckon Congress to stop doing what is safe and popular and do what is right.

It’s the tired old game that most know well. Whomever is elected to this seat will be groomed for conformity into moderate positions and debt spending by the Republican establishment. Only a rare few won’t feast at the buffet of compromise and remain a David instead of a Saul! If the hunger of ambition drives that newly elected member of Congress, they will become another “yes man” or “yes woman” as they also position themselves to grab their own ring of power. Republican leadership in the House will offer new members of Congress key committee assignments and earmarks (yes, they are back) designed to make incumbents look good back home. Aligning with the establishment, new members obtain election and reelection security through campaign bribery (crony capitalist monied interests aligned with leadership) in exchange for a new member’s loyalty and votes. For the treat of the moment, they will trade America’s dream of tomorrow.

Ambition votes “yes” every time.

If the new member votes along establishment lines, they will enjoy the benefits of the political spoils system as a “team player” for their party. This is how Washington corrupts the newcomers, subtly converting outsiders into insiders. Both parties’ continuance of the political spoils system is the reason “We the People” keep losing our liberties – even as the Potomac two-step advances.

I am running for Congress because I believe that Washington, D.C. won’t change without true change agents. Strict constructionists – constitutionally minded individuals who won’t rely on political calculations when voting – are in short supply. The mirage of doing the right thing tomorrow calls out to too many well-intentioned freshmen congressmen who become the problem instead of the solution. With an eye on reelection, tough votes and tough choices are avoided. The experienced voter with voter fatigue and remorse has every right to ask any of us, “What makes you any different.”

I believe that a person’s history and record will tell you about their future actions. I know the game. I didn’t play the game during my eight-year tenure in the state Senate. I confronted it. I will not play this game on the federal level. If you play the game, you give up the leverage you have to be known as credible in calling balls and strikes. I won’t give up that leverage to be just a “team player” as my team is “We the People.”

“We the People” can demand virtue in D.C. again. We can restore our nation to one where our children can truly inherit liberty instead of debt, opportunity instead of dependency. America can be the shining city on the hill again – a nation bursting with freedom, hope and initiative. But this will take electing leaders who practice self-restraint over selfish gain, who value character over careerism, who history will judge as being promise keepers not power seekers.


  1. John wyatt says:

    I think you will do a great job Josh!

  2. Sheila says:

    Yes Josh !! So proud you’re picking up the mantle & running the race !! Blessings & thank you for going up the mountain of government…. With you 100% !! America needs leaders who won’t compromise & who won’t sell out for greed & gain that line pockets & pat backs !!! We the People stand with you … all the way Josh Brecheen

  3. Linda Morea says:

    Thank you Josh! I’m praying for You and where God has placed you at this time in history.

  4. Jenny Morgan says:

    Josh I am Thrilled for us but I am concerned for you that the swamp may devour your good intentions. These are the times that try mens souls….as someone much more knowledgeable than i has said. I will pray for your safety and your spiritual courage everyday. Love to you and your precious family.