Common sports injuries and prevention

With the springtime looking like it might get here soon and with it the opportunities to start having fun outdoors, there are also opportunities for injuries – sports-related and otherwise. Knowing how to prevent some of these is big for your enjoyment of the season.

Injuries to the knee are very common in sports and in life, because of the various positions the knees have to be in. Tears in ligaments such as the ACL are very common. More often than not, these injuries can be prevented by having adequate rest to allow the body to heal itself before the next exercise.

Hand injuries can occur with frequency, too. And again, these often happen when an athlete is tired. Proper rest is important in any sport or activity.

Concussions have become a frequent topic of conversation in sports because of the NFL, but they can happen in other activities. Prevention is difficult to eradicate, but wearing the proper protective equipment can help. If your spring sport or activity calls for a helmet, wear one. This is to prevent degenerative brain disease from occurring due to chronic trauma to the head region.

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