Bryan County confirmed coronavirus case number rises to 23

Coronavirus. CDC / Public Domain.

BRYAN COUNTY – The Memorial Day Weekend wraps up with a reported increase in positive tests for COVID-19. Those numbers are listed on the Oklahoma State Department of Health website and can be viewed at this address:

There is a discrepancy between the Bryan County numbers on the ‘View Data by County’ page and the ‘View Data by City’ page. The Patriot will list both. And on both pages, there remain seven active cases.

The small increase since in the last three days shows two more confirmed positive tests in Durant. Also, in Bennington, there is one more COVID-19 case, as well as one more recovery*.

From the County Data page, the site lists that Bryan County has 22 positive cases, with 14 recoveries and one death. Some news outlets report data only from this page.

From the City Data page, the site lists that the cities in Bryan County have a total of 23 positive cases, with 15 recoveries and one death. The breakdown is as follows:

DURANT | 10 positive cases (7 recoveries)
BENNINGTON | 4 positive cases (3 recoveries)
MEAD | 3 positive cases (2 recoveries, 1 death)
ACHILLE | 2 positive cases (1 recovery)
CADDO | 2 positive cases
COLBERT | 2 positive cases (2 recoveries)

* Recoveries are defined as those currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report.

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  1. Nancy Smith says:

    There are some that went to Grayson county. That are from Bryan county. Were counted for Grayson. So Bryan county has more than is reported.

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