Voice actress with international credits and local roots to be in Durant at Texoma Comic Con

Stephanie Nadolny

Son Goku | Heroes Wiki | Fandom

Kid Goku, voiced by Stephanie Nadolny

The voice of characters like Kid Goku, Kid Gohan and more is part of a strong lineup of artists and actors scheduled to be on hand at the first Texoma Comic Con.

The new event will be held at the Choctaw Event Center on Saturday, Feb. 24, and Sunday, Feb. 25. Many creators and vendors will be on site with opportunities to buy collectibles or visit and sign autographs.

Among those to be in attendance is Stephanie Nadolny, whose work with the Dragonball shows has given her an opportunity to travel the world to meet many great people.

Nadolny spent her middle school years in Bryan County during the mid-’80s and said she enjoyed her time here.

“Out of all the places I’ve lived, Durant was my favorite,” Nadolny said. “I lived there from the summer before fifth grade to right in the middle of eighth grade. It was a tough one for me to have to move away. My stepdad ran the hospital there and my mom – rest in peace – was a good, awesome, supportive wife and we went where he went when his job took him.

“We went from Houston, Texas, to Eagle Pass, Texas, and then to Durant, to Coffeyville, Kan., and back to Lewisville, Texas. And now that I’m back to DFW, I’m closer to Durant than any of the other places I’ve lived so this is going to be great. It’ll be just a little road trip. I’ll actually be on site and stay a couple of nights.”

Nadolny is not only a character voice actress, but also a singer who has traveled throughout the United States.

“I started out in music as a kid and was into anything from talent shows to dance choreography and pompon and drill team. I did community theatre. I did anything that would get me up on the stage.

“I ended up joining a show band at the age of 18 and traveled the world with Vince Vance and the Valiants with the Vivacious Valiantettes. I’m just glad I landed that audition. And from there I rocked the industry and met a lot of other musicians and started singing on albums and writing songs. I’m still traveling and touring and I’m pretty excited about the event this weekend.”

Nadolny’s talents have opened up opportunities in the musical world and in the world of cartoons, anime and more. Her credits include being the voice of Kid Goku on Dragonball and Dragonball GT, OG Kid Gohan/East Kai on Dragonball Z and K.O. from OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes – all shows that have aired on Cartoon Network.

She has been to places like New Zealand and Australia, as well as the U.K., andhas been spending time recently on the circuit of events like Texoma Comic Con. Nadolny said there are many things for people to enjoy this weekend.

“Basically, it’s a pop culture expo containing anything from artists and vendors to some arts and crafts. There are some voice actors and some of my colleagues will be there. And cosplay. The fans make their own costumes and dress up like their favorite anime character or cartoon character or whatever they’re into.

“It’s just a place for a bunch of geeks and dweebs to geek out together and have some fun and share some fun memories and maybe get some autographs or collectibles. There are people who bring their comic books out there and some of them are worth a lot of money. It’s just like anything and everything pop culture.

“This is the first year here and the people putting in on are great people. I’ll be there at my booth and I’ll have all my prints and posters out and will be there to meet and greet and do photo ops and have a lot of fun with the fans.”

Tickets to Texoma Comic Con are $15 each day and can be purchased at the door.

You can get more information about Texoma Comic Con by clicking HERE and learn more about Stephanie at her site: StephanieNadolny.com and her appearance this week by clicking HERE.

Nadolny said everyone should come out this weekend and enjoy the Comic Con.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everybody there and having a lot of fun.”

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