Trade Days starting in Calera

By Joey McWilliams

CALERA – A new trading opportunity is available in Calera.

Starting in November, the sales will be on the first and third weekends of every month at the location about a mile south of Calera on Highways 69/75.

Angie Russell owns the land on which the Trade Days sales are taking place and just had a Saturday-Sunday run to get the event going.

“This last weekend was our first one,” Russell said. “It’s just something that we’re getting started. We’re going to do it the first and third Saturday and Sunday of the month. It’s $10 a day to set up.

“You can bring as much as you want. We don’t have a limit on tables or anything like that. Hopefully this next month, we’ll have maybe some food trucks.”

Russell said she got the idea off and running, in part, due to the encouragement of someone who cares about Calera.

“Donnie Hyde is always wanting Calera to give, so that’s one reason that we started it,” Russell said. “He’s always working on the town of Calera to make it better. He was a big part of it.”

Those interested can contact Angie at 580-367-0430 for more information.

“We’re just south of Calera,” Russell said. “Right after Bad Boy Mowers, it’s the first road on the right – Ruby Street. Then when you turn on it, you take a left. And you’ll see a metal shop building out there and a container sitting in front of it. And that’s where it will be.

“Just come out. We’re low-key and we’ve just want everybody to have a come time and hopefully they find something they want to buy.”


  1. Melba Hill says:

    I hope there will be tack and halters for horses

  2. Linda Clay says:

    I hope to set up there next weekend. Some fall decor and some dollies and related items!

  3. Natasha says:

    What is the address?? Don’t see any signs?