SE alum Traci Wright Martin to have artwork included in Lunar Codex project

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Southeastern Oklahoma State University alumna Traci Wright Martin has had 20 pieces of her artwork selected for inclusion in the Lunar Codex project.

Martin, a 2005 graduate of Southeastern with a degree in studio art, is currently based in Greenville, S.C. For four weeks in September and October, a new body of work commemorating her inclusion in the Lunar Codex project has been on display in a solo exhibition at the Grand Bohemian Lodge Gallery in Greenville.

“Every artist starts out with an idea of what they want their career to look like,” Martin said. “You put yourself out there and pursue opportunities and you just never know where it will lead. Having my work chosen for the Lunar Codex and sharing in this artistic legacy with artists from around the world is more than I could have imagined years ago.“I have always hoped to find an audience that can relate to what I’m making and to feel seen somehow in the things I create. Being a part of the conversation on the intersection of art and science and technology at this moment in human history, in such a tangible way, is a really wonderful thing.”

The Lunar Codex project includes three collections of contemporary artwork that will be the first significant placements of contemporary arts on the lunar surface in over fifty years, and the first to include artwork produced by women. Martin’s collection of pieces are part of the Polaris collection, which is the project’s payload associated with an Astrobotic Griffin/NASA VIPER mission, targeting the Nobile Crater, in the vicinity of the Lunar South Pole.

According to the project’s website, some have called the Lunar Codex a “time machine to the future.” Others have called it the “ultimate anthology,” and referred to it as a “museum on the Moon.” At its essence, the Lunar Codex is a set of time capsules, a message-in-a-bottle to future generations.

The Polaris collection is scheduled for launch in 2024.

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