Protections for unborn approved by Oklahoma Senate


OKLAHOMA CITY – The Senate strengthened protections for the unborn Thursday, Mar. 12 with the passage of the Senate Bill 1859.  Sen. Paul Scott, R-Duncan, authored the bill to increase accountability of doctors administering abortions in Oklahoma.

The bill would prohibit doctors from performing abortions beginning at six weeks if a fetal or embryonic heartbeat or brainwaves are present.  Currently, at eight weeks, doctors must advise a mother if a heartbeat is audible and let her decide whether to listen to it before moving forward with the procedure.

“Being such a strong pro-life state, we have a moral obligation to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves,” Scott said. “This is a commonsense measure that directs doctors to recognize life just as they do death with the presence or lack of a heartbeat or brainwaves. Doctors take an oath to protect life so this will also hold them accountable for that oath by taking away the licenses of any who violate this law.”

Any physicians found in violation of the bill would have their Oklahoma medical license immediately revoked and it could never be renewed in the state.

SB 1859, which passed the Senate 36-8, will next be considered in the House.

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