OmniCare365 blesses Families Feeding Families with turkeys before Thanksgiving

DURANT – Matt and Darla Hunt, the owners of OmniCare365 in Durant, annually provide a dinner for their employees celebrating Thanksgiving. But this year, they decided to do things a little different.

The Hunts provided turkeys for the employees in advance of the holiday itself to add to and help with food for each family’s own celebration at home.

An interesting take on it was that it the turkey was not claimed, it would be given to the local ministry of Families Feeding Families, which not only annually at Thanksgiving, but also all throughout the year, does what its name suggests – feeds others.

Many of the OmniCare 365 crew decided on the latter option and on Tuesday, Matt Hunt delivered 19 whole turkeys to Families Feeding Families, to help Leticia Burkhalter and the group prepare for the annual Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

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