Monday Motivation

By Sierra Kovash

What is holding you back? What keeps you from taking that leap? It is human to be fearful of the unknown. Historically, that has kept us safe from saber-tooth tigers and T-rex’s. The good news is our saber-toothed tigers now sit on our laps and we eat our T-Rex’s for dinner (kind of) – cluck cluck.

 Another benefit of being human is our ability to persist. We have built the tallest buildings in the world and we have visited the darkest depths of the ocean. We are magnificent creatures capable of anything that we set our minds to.
What does that mean for you? That means that YOU too can do anything that you set your mind to. YOU are capable of great things. You have the ability to make the change, to go after the job, and to start your journey and chase your dreams. You don’t need permission to change what you want about yourself. You have what you need inside of you.
We are all on this journey called life, and we get to do it only once. Take all the opportunities offered to you. Say YES more. You never know where a ‘yes’ will take you.
Personally, yeses have helped me see the world, find my soulmate, find a job I love, and make friends the world over. My life isn’t perfect, but leaning in and engaging in life has changed everything.

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