Letter to the Editor

Gun Owners of America is delighted to endorse Dustin Reid for State Representative in Oklahoma’s 21st House District.

Mr. Reid’s life exemplifies the American colloquialism that one can “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Raised by a single mother and being the first in his family to graduate from university, Reid understands that hard work is required to achieve one’s personal aspirations. Such a personal temperament is also a pre-requisite for a citizen seeking to serve their community in the State Legislature.

Mr. Reid has lived in Southeastern Oklahoma for most of his life, where he runs a ranch with his wife and three daughters. His educational grounding within the discipline of history has shaped his worldview and granted him an appreciation of the many freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. Reid strives to impart his love of God, Family, and Country, to his daughters and his community.

Reid understands what is required to preserve for future generations of Oklahomans the blessing of freedom granted to this nation by our Creator and will bring his tough work ethic to Oklahoma City.

It is critical for gun owners to know that Reid is an ardent supporter of your Second Amendment rights. Reid survived the crucible of GOA’s rigorous endorsement process and scored 100% on his 2022 Candidate Survey.

Here is what Reid had to say in his own words about your Second Amendment rights:

As a Constitutional defender and avid outdoorsman, you’ll never have to question where I stand on our 2nd Amendment Rights! I’ll be a strong defender of your right to keep and bear arms…I will not infringe on the 2nd amendment rights and will work with my fellow Republicans to advance our 2nd amendment freedoms. I will NEVER allow any government entity, whether it be Tribal, State, or Federal to infringe on our 2nd amendment right…As our legislator for House District 21, I will also work on bringing gun manufacturers to the great State of Oklahoma. We have one of the best gunsmithing schools in the USA located in Tishomingo, which is the next county over.

Now that is a powerful statement from a stalwart Patriot!

That’s why GOA is endorsing Dustin Reid for State Representative in Oklahoma’s 21st House District. So, be sure to vote for Reid in the Republican primary run-off!

A vote for Reid is a vote for Freedom!

In Liberty,
Iain Graeme
Rocky Mountains & Great Plains Region Director

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