How to make your resolution come true this year

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Greg Maurer

Clue:  If you want to make your resolution come true — willpower alone won’t get you there!

Achieving goals is best approached as if you are trying to overcome an addiction.  In fact, that is exactly what you are doing. We all have addictions.

“Willpower is for people who are still uncertain about what they want to do.”  – Helia

If willpower is required – there is clearly some type of internal conflict. You want to lose weight, but you also want that beer.

When willpower is required there are two causes:

  • You don’t know what you want, and you therefore have internal conflict.
  • You are not committed to a goal/change and created the conditions that facilitate your commitment.

What do you really want?

If reaching your goal requires willpower, you haven’t figured out what you want. Because once you really make a decision, the internal debate is over.

So, are you serious about this? Until you decide, you’ll be required to use willpower, and will continue making minimal progress.

Are you committed?

When it comes to achieving goals, commitment involves:

  • Making it public
  • Setting a timeline consisting of small measurable goals that lead to the overall goal
  • Creating several forms of feedback and accountability
  • Removing everything in your environment that opposes your commitment.

Once you truly commit – it’s as though you’ve already succeeded. All doubt and disbelief are gone.

Commitment involves building your life around your goals. Your internal resolve, naked to an undefended and opposing environment, is not commitment.

Create conditions that make success inevitable

You will fail to achieve your goals if you don’t change your environment.

An alcoholic who really wants to quit drinking needs to not hang around bars and people drinking, but this analogy applies to all goals!

So consciously create an environment that facilitate your commitments. Actually, if you’re really committed to a goal, this is exactly what you’ll do.

This is how personal growth occurs. We adapt to our environment. Thus, personal growth involves deliberately choosing or creating environments that helps mold us into the person we want to become.


Bill Walsh said, “If your why is strong enough you will figure out how!”

If you’re required to use willpower:

  • You haven’t made up your mind.
  • Your desire (your “why”) for your goals isn’t strong enough.
  • You haven’t fully committed to what you’re going to do.
  • Your environment is not in alignment with your goals. You haven’t created an environment that facilitates reaching your goals.


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