First United Bank donates financial curriculum to Durant High School


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -First United Bank is donating Ramsey Solutions’ Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum to Durant High School. Foundations in Personal Finance is the premier curriculum for teaching financial literacy to students.

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“I am so excited for the opportunity to help our young leaders learn to win with money,” said Jennifer Henagar, VP of Financial Well-Being at First United Bank. “If I knew then what I know now, I would be able to help so many more people.”

Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey created Foundations in Personal Finance, an easy to use, turn-key school curriculum that teaches students the value of saving, spending and giving to guide them down the path of financial literacy.

More than three million students have taken Foundations in Personal Finance in middle schools, high schools and universities nationwide. Foundations in Personal Finance can be used as a primary or supplemental resource to fulfill requirements in mathematics, economics, family consumer science, business mathematics and personal finance.

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