Dayton Booth takes over the Justin Scott Agency

Dayton Booth (standing right) with those who work with him at the agency, Heather McKee (left at computer) and Kassi Wilkey. Staff photo.

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – On Aug. 1, it became official that Dayton Booth was the man in charge of the Farmers Insurance Agency once owned by Justin Scott.

And keeping in the family in this case meant more than just within the Farmers family. Yes, Booth did have his insurance with Farmers prior to taking over the agency. But Scott is also his brother-in-law.

The timing just worked out well for both of them.

“Justin wanted to go into the banking world and I jumped on this opportunity,” Booth said.

“I had a great experience with insurance. I was in the banking industry until March 2017 and Justin was looking to sell it,but he didn’t want to sell it to just anybody. So he thought of me, and my wife and I knew right away that it was for us.

“The Lord works in wonderful ways, there’s no doubt about it.”

Booth’s previous experience with insurance including what he and his family had gone through last year. On Apr. 1, 2016, the family’s house burned to the ground. And although it was on April Fool’s Day, Booth said he knew it wasn’t a joke.

“He listens to those police scanners – I can’t under stand them,” Booth said. “And he called me and said, ‘Hey. Is your house on fire?’ ‘Well, I guess so.’ And I went home and sure enough it was my house.”

“But I was well taken care of. I felt like I was family to the insurance company. Obviously, Justin Scott was my family, but he doesn’t do anything with the claims or writing the checks. The rest of it Farmers does and they did a wonderful job.”

Farmers agencies are meant to be passed along through families, according to Booth, so it worked out well in that regard as well. And he said he can take care of just about anything that someone would want with respect to insurance.

“My main task is to make sure that everyone that comes in here is properly insured,” Booth said. “If they go through a life scenario we want to make sure that they are adequately covered and have no loss at the end of the day.

“Whatever you want to insure, I can find a way to insure it. From dog insurance to commercial trucking insurance, we can do it all or we can find the best fit for you, even if it’s not through Farmers. We’re similar to a brokerage, we can go out and get appointed with anyone that Farmers won’t write, we can insure things. You name it, we got it.”

Booth and his wife, Olivia, his high school sweetheart, are both graduates of Victory Life Academy, Class of 2011. They have two children, Amayah and Blakelyn, with one on the way.

He said he feels blessed to get to do what he does.

“I don’t feel like I work – we just take care of people. That’s all we do.”

The Dayton Booth Agency is located at 90 W. Mulberry, just east of E-Z Mart, in the location that was formerly the Durant Animal Hospital.


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