Photo by Ben Hild.

By Jenna McWilliams

Happy Day after Groundhog Day!! I’m here to talk about C O N S I S T E N C Y.

I recently had an interview for a job and she asked me on a scale of 1-10 what I would rate myself in my stage of life right now. It hit kinda hard… I haven’t felt fully confident lately and have been MORE than hard on myself. I responded with how proud I’ve come since even just graduating but there is still so much I want to be doing.

I also mentioned consistency. I told her that if I could learn to be more consistent across the board, I’d be unstoppable. I will also say that last phrase came out of my mouth before I even realized what I said!!

• I’d be unstoppable! •

This is so true for all of us. I don’t believe for a second that success is luck. Success is hard work, making connections, building your own future, and (of course) CONSISTENCY. Just because you fall off the streak doesn’t for a second mean you can’t jump right back on.

If you had big plans for January that didn’t quite happen, ITS OKAY. Guess what? There’s still 11 months left in 2020. Get right back up and start again. It’s fully possible for anyone to be where they want to be, just don’t take a fall as a final destination.

Keep going, keep pushing, 2020 is STILL your year.

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