Confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Bryan County reaches 85

Coronavirus. CDC / Public Domain.

BRYAN COUNTY – The total number of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Bryan County has now reached 85 for the year. At the increased rate of testing in the Texoma area, that number is likely to continue grow at an increased rate.

On the Oklahoma State Department of Health website, there has been a discrepancy in the numbers reported for Bryan County according to the ‘View Data by County’ tab and the ‘View Data by City’ tab. The Patriot has been reporting both.

The County Data shows 85 confirmed positive cases with 59 recoveries* and one death attributed to COVID-19, leaving 30 as active cases.

The City Data shows seven towns in the county to be reporting a total of 83 cases with 59 recoveries and one death, which means 23 active cases.

Here is the breakdown:

DURANT | 44 positive cases (31 recoveries)
BENNINGTON | 6 positive cases (6 recoveries)
CALERA | 9 positive cases (6 recoveries)
COLBERT | 7 positive cases (6 recoveries)
MEAD | 6 positive cases (4 recoveries, 1 death)
BOKCHITO | 5 positive cases (2 recoveries)
CADDO | 4 positive cases (2 recoveries)
ACHILLE | 2 positive cases (2 recoveries)

* Recoveries are defined as those currently not hospitalized or deceased and 14 days after onset/report.

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