Calera, Rock Creek have bond issues proposed for February special election

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Two county school districts are reaching out to local residents to help with improvements, security, transportation and more.

Both Calera and Rock Creek have presented requests to the voters for bond issues for the upcoming decade.

Calera has two propositions on the ballot – one for $630,000 for a 10-year term and one for $180,000 for a five-year term.

The money raised with Proposition One would be used to:

• Acquire and install security systems at the Early Childhood/Elementary and Middle School sites
– This would entail cameras at access points (more than 20 at the sites) and a badge system for entering and exiting buildings
• Purchase new computers for the Early Childhood/Elementary labs and classrooms
• Replace and repair old HVAC units at the Early Childhood/Elementary  and Middle School sites and to install CH/A in one wing of the Elementary site
• Purchase new classroom furniture for about 14 rooms in the Early Childhood/Elementary site
• Build a new administration building

Proposition Two is on the ballot to raise money for the purchase of two new buses.

The cost to the taxpayers in the district would be a raise in property taxes of 4.5 percent ($4.50 for every $100).

There will be an informal meeting on Monday, Jan. 27, at the Calera Middle School cafeteria. Board members and a bond representative will be on hand to answers questions.

The Rock Creek proposition is for $2,160,000 for a 10-year term.

The money raised would go make changes throughout the dated Elementary site. The current Early Childhood building (previously the Blue H.S. building) was built in 1973 and the Middle Elementary building (previously the Blue Elementary building) was built in 1979.

The money raised with this proposition would go to:

• Build a new security foyer/entrance and install cameras (to rework the current situation in which there are 21 points of entry with limited security)
• Build a new Early Childhood building at the north end of the current 4-6 Grade building
• Add space in this building for a new library (the current site of the library would be then used for storage and maintenance)
• Remodel and bring up to date the 1-3 Grade building with new windows, floor covering and plumbing
• Build a new corridor to connect the 1-3 Grade building to the security foyer
• Expand the current cafeteria to be able to serve all of the students during two lunch sessions instead of three lunch sessions
• Move the playground to behind the cafeteria and update it with equipment and better security

The cost to taxpayers in the district would be an increase in property taxes of 13.61 percent ($13.61 for every $100).

The election will be held on Feb. 11, 2020. A “Yes” vote of at least 60 percent is needed for passage.

Friday, Jan. 17, 2020, is the last day to apply for voter registration in order to be eligible to vote in these two school bond elections.

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