Bullard wins state senate seat

David and Amber Bullard at the watch party on Tuesday night. Bullard won the 2018 election for the Oklahoma State Senate Seat in District 6. Photo provided.

OKLAHOMA – David Bullard brought in strong numbers from each county in Oklahoma Senate District 6 and rode them to a victory on Tuesday night.

Bullard won his race against Arnold Bourne with nearly 66 percent of the vote.

In the victory, Bullard expressed his gratitude and vision.

“We have so much to be thankful for in a country and a state that provides us with a multitude of opportunities,” Bullard said. “I am thankful for all of those who voted for me and supported me over the past months. This is not about me, but rather about people uniting behind a shared vision and a desire to see their community continuously moving forward. Our common goal is to stand for what is right and do it in a way that promotes growth and opportunity while protecting liberty.

“God deserves the credit for this victory and I am thankful that He speaks to people and offers the freedom for which I stand so proudly. My beautiful family has been the most encouraging and energizing supporters.  My wife and daughters did not just give me permission to answer this calling, but joined me in the movement, and for that I am humbled and grateful.

“My volunteers and supporters have been amazing. I can never thank them enough.”

Bullard also recognized Bourne with appreciation for the way his opponent handled his campaign.

“I would like to thank Mr. Arnold Bourne and his supporters for running a very clean and dignified race,” Bullard said. “The people of District 6 deserved a clean election built on vision and ideas for a better tomorrow.

“Because of the good character of Mr. Bourne, that is what happened. Mr. Bourne and his family are first class and they added quality substance to the debate about our future.”

Bourne thanked his supporters and commended Bullard in his concession.

“Everyone worked hard and can be proud of the efforts you put into this campaign,” Bourne said. “Unfortunately, we’re not going to come out on top tonight.

“Congratulations to David Bullard. He fought a hard and competitive race.”

Bullard went on to give a message to the district.

“I would like to extend a solemn thank you for everyone who put their trust in me and voted for me,” Bullard said. “I have worked hard in this campaign to run a clean, intelligent, and forward looking vision for our home. I will work even harder to represent you and your values at the Capitol.

“I will also never forget that you are who I work for and I will put my all into doing a good job for you.  Your freedom, wellbeing, and voice will be my priority.”

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