Brian Maxson

Brian Jeffory Maxson, 53, passed away at home on Wednesday, January 18, 2023. He was born on July 21, 1969.

While growing up, Brian, his dad and his brothers were actively involved in horticulture which is where Brian’s love for landscaping came from. He was active in 4-H all through his younger years and was a National 4-H winner. When Janeva’s job moved the family to Virginia, Brian expanded that love to fountains where he built and sustained many of the memorials in Washington DC, such as the Martin Luther King memorial, the Military Women’s Memorial, at Arlington Cemetery, and the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial.

Brian loved his family and was at his happiest when they were all able to be together. He first played football when he was 4 years old and that love for sports was extended to his children. He was actively involved in all their extra-curricular activities including coaching each of them, even if he didn’t know the rules of the game! He was able to enjoy the same with his grandchildren, even being present for his granddaughter Addie’s first cheerleading competition this past weekend. Brian also had a great love of spending time on the water, preferably in a boat or sitting around a bonfire telling tall tales. We love you Brian. We love you Dad. We love you Paps! You are loved and you are missed.

Brian is survived by his wife, Janeva Maxson; his daughter, Tacie Maxson and partner Stacy Bronikowski; his son, Brantley Maxson and wife Amanda Maxson and his son Brayden Maxson. He is also survived by the joy of his life, his two beautiful granddaughters, Addison Maxson and Brooklyn Maxson, as well as his mother. Ruth Maxson and brother, Stephen Maxson.

The funeral will be held on Monday, Jan. 23, 2023, at the Springer Family Cemetery at 462 Bray Road in Bokchito.

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