Bokchito residents weather the storm

Doyle Pair's house with a large tree down in front. The tree destroyed two pickups. - Photo by Jodi McWilliams.

By Joey McWilliams

BOKCHITO – Doyle Pair and his family have been through a lot lately.

He was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer about six months ago, but within the past few weeks has been able to use the words “Cancer Free!” on his Facebook page.

So having a tree down in his front yard may be something he can look past.

The devastating tornado that cleared a path through a stretch of eastern Bryan County uprooted a large tree in front of his house on its way across Highway 22 and did damage to his property.

“The Lord kept us through the whole thing,” Pair said. “No complaints.”

The Pair family had to ride out the storm in their house because of how quickly the tornado arrived.

“God kept us through it,” Pair said. “We just got in the closet and prayed. We didn’t have time to get to the cellar. And I’m very thankful.”

The shop for his business, Pair’s Sandblasting & Painting, is just to the south of his house and took some of that destruction, as did a couple of vehicles that were near the great tree.

“(The tree) tore up the carport and the vehicles (two pickups) there – just smashed them, too. And damage to the shop, as well. And the storm tore the shop doors up and took some of the lights out. But overall, we’re healthy and safe so we’re in good shape.”

Damage was done on both sides of Highway 22.

“Brad and Lori Knight to the west of us there – their place is a total loss,” Pair said. “Just thankful they were able to get in the cellar. Like I said, they were safe and taken care of.

“But the community is coming together and everybody is pulling together to help them get everything back in shape and get some good stuff picked up and loaded up for them.”

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