AllianceHealth Durant & Madill has broad impact on Texoma

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DURANT – Over the course of a year, the impact of AllianceHealth Durant & Madill adds up as the skilled and compassionate hands of physicians, nurses and other team members deliver safe, quality care around the clock every day. Beyond clinical care, our hospitals are a major employer and regularly invests resources to expand and enhance the services available locally. The overall community benefit each year is significant and totaled more than $136 million in 2021.

Last year, the hospital and clinics delivered care at more than 133,500 patient visits as the pandemic heightened the need for medical care. The hospital has supported more than 430 COVID inpatients since March 2020 while sustaining all of its other medical services. To help protect the community from the COVID-19 virus, 445 vaccine doses were provided and more than 330outpatients were treated with monoclonal antibodies, helping them avoid serious symptoms and hospitalization.

We provided quality care for patients with COVID and also for other members of our community who had a broad range of medical needs,” said Kevin Samrow, chief executive officer for AllianceHealth Durant & Madill. “Our community is truly fortunate to have this resilient and committed team of clinicians and caregivers here in Texoma who make a difference for so many patients each day. We helped people get well and live healthier, and that was evident in so many ways – patients left with less pain following a joint replacement, a heart beating in rhythm after receiving a pacemaker or a smile of relief when their screening mammogram or colonoscopy was clear.”

Employees and medical staff brought their skills and compassion to support more than 35,000 emergency department visits, more than 6000 inpatients and perform more than 4300 surgeries. Over 95,000 patients received care across the AllianceHealth Medical Group clinics. We also delivered joy to local families as more than 900 babies were born.

As AllianceHealth Durant & Madill works to continuously meet patients’ needs, it also gives back to the Texoma region. Our hospitals provided over $70.4 million in charity and uncompensated care for the community’s most vulnerable. And the $3 million paid in property, sales and GRT taxes helps support civic resources and services.

AllianceHealth Durant & Madill also works with local charitable and community organizations such as Southeastern Oklahoma State University Athletics, Boys and Girls Club of Red River Valley, United Way of Bryan County, Blue Zones, providing more than $29,000 in donations and outreach.

The hospital’s payroll of more than $3.2 million ripples across the local economy as employees buy goods and services. The hospital also made capital improvements totaling more than $2.1 million in 2021.

“We are part of this community and we are committed to doing all we can to provide excellent healthcare services and to making Texoma a healthier, better community for all,” Samrow said. 

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  1. Pete says:

    The dedication of all the leaders at this facility is truly remarkable. I count myself blessed to to know this team and see their uncompromising compassion in action day in and out.

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