Vernon Twyman Is the President and CEO of Ventures 7000

Vernon Twyman is a citizen of the United States and resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Vernon Twyman is currently the President and Chief Executive Office of Ventures 7000, Inc. He has extensive background in the Philippines, having lived and worked there at various times as both a student and a professional over the last 54 years.  Vernon Twyman is a seasoned entrepreneur having started his first small business at the age of 14.

Vernon Twyman’s vision for philanthropy, which is based on his deeply held conviction that generosity is at the heart of his Christian faith, has been refined through of years of close interaction with the non-profit and NGO communities and today is a cornerstone of Ventures 7000’s vision.

Vern Twyman

Twyman’s rare blend of entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, philanthropic heart, and deep abiding faith combined with his long-term association with the Philippines, its customs and laws, access to its leadership in all sectors, and commitment to its people makes him uniquely suited to head Ventures 7000’s business efforts in the Philippines. 

Areas of Focus

  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor
  • Registered Securities Broker/Dealer
  •  Registered Real Estate Broker
  • Financial Consultant and Asset Manager

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