Ventures 7000’s Work in the Philippines

Ventures 7000 is founded by Vernon Twyman. Vernon has a passion to help the less fortunate. In addition, he has a passion for the Philippines and uncovering its most astounding treasure. This is why he has created this business Ventures 7000 to help the less fortunate and create entrepreneurial work in the Philippines. Ventures 7000 is a treasure recovery company that has the primary purpose of finding the “Gold Bullion” that is lost in the Philippines. Vernon is passionate about uncovering valuables that have been lost for decades.

Vernon Twyman’s Scope Influence

Vernon Twyman has extensive financial knowledge and experience. He has been everything from an SEC-certified investment advisor, to a real estate broker to an Asset Manager. He also has been around some very influential people including previous White House Administrations. His knowledge of finances and history has pushed him forward to create Ventures 7000.

What is Ventures 7000?

Ventures 7000 is a company that specializes in treasure recovery. Specifically, right now they are looking at theĀ  “Gold Bullion” in the Philippines. Ventures 7000 is one of the few companies that is authorized and has all of the legal backings to look for this treasure. During World War II, countries in Asia and Europe began sending their treasures overseas to keep them out of the hands of Japan and Germany. However, these treasures got captured and were placed in the Philippines. It is believed that still 1/3 to 1/2 of these treasures have not been uncovered.

Ventures 7000

  • Has a team of experts in finances, legal, and history to ensure every i is dotted and t is crossed
  • Works within the legal parameters set by governments to distribute the valuables found
  • Gives some of their profit for philanthropy purposes
  • Is committed to integrity

Learn More About Ventures 7000

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