Texoma Mattress opens second location

Staff photo.

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – It is an expanded product line and a new site for Texoma Mattress, which opened a new location recently.

Mattress Gallery officially opened for business on Nov. 1 and is giving Bryan County people an opportunity not only a place to look for mattresses, but also a place to help with their all-around wellness.

Josh Inman, owner of the Mattress Gallery, said this new location has a different feel.

“We started west of town,” Inman said. “That’s more of a traditional mattress store. We wanted to make this one more of a specialty sleep and all-around wellness store.

“We do adjustable beds. We’re about to do some massage chairs. The adjustable beds have become really popular for really everybody now. It used to cater to just a specific demographic and now everybody wants to get one.”

The new spot is at 1203 N. Washington and is the southern-most shop of the stores just south of Pruitt’s Grocery.

Inman said there are similarities and differences in the two sites.

“We do carry some of the same things in both places, but this is a totally different lineup than what we have out there,” Inman said.

“And about the adjustables, a lot of our companies try to cater specifically to pregnant women and people just getting out of the hospital. But it kind of goes backs to all-around wellness. We’re doing this different than just a plain, ordinary mattress that you put down and don’t think anything of it.”

The original location is located at 9349 W. Highway 70 west of Durant.

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