Starbucks location in Durant to open in two weeks

DURANT – Since before construction began on the corner of Main and 21st in Durant, there has been talk about the business going in there. It was soon confirmed to be a location for a new Starbucks.

The talk has shifted to when this campus will be open for business. And the answer is two weeks from today.

The official Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Day will be Monday, February 26, at 10 a.m.

Lindsey Oakley, general manager for the soon-to-be-open location, said it’s been a three-year process for the coffee company to open a store in Durant.

“Starbucks is really trying to reach out and branch out to rural communities to really get their name out there,” Oakley said. “This began because of when COVID hit, all of the major cities completely shut down, except for the Midwest. The locations that were in the Midwest still were thriving. And Starbucks noticed that.

“So they decided for the future – meaning now – they were going to start building locations in rural communities that don’t have big populations to give job opportunities and allow us to thrive in areas that normally would not.”

As for local job opportunities, Oakley said that currently the store will employ 23 people. And she also said she wanted to alleviate concerns that may arrive with a big business coming to town.

“I know there are folks that are worried about us because we are corporate.” Oakley said. “But with my involvement with the community and with the Chamber of Commerce, my focus as the manager here is to really let people know that we are here to get involved with the community.

The Sign

“We’re going to do all kinds of volunteer options. We are really going to put ourselves out there to let everyone know that we are here to help. That’s what we’re here for.

“And to make a good cup of coffee!”

The new Starbucks is opening two weeks from Monday at 2015 W. Main.

Oakley pointed out that with its home on being on Main Street, it can be considered “Starbucks on Main.”

There will be a phone number listed as well, which is coming soon.

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