Sprayroq Provides Structural Rehabilitation at Sprayroq.com

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Sprayroq continues to lead the way in the area of spray-applied structural rehabilitation solutions. Sprayroq products can be used to restore aging or damaged infrastructure, allowing your facility or municipality to return to normal operations in record time.

Sprayroq offers a trenchless technology solution for restoring the condition of underground infrastructure. Using their fast-curing polyurethane lining system known as SprayWall, Sprayroq’s Certified Partners will easily and efficiently repair or restore structures for a variety of industries.

Some of the markets that can benefit from the use of Sprayroq products include transportation, municipal, chemical plants, refineries, paper mills, electrical plants, wastewater facilities, and much more.

The knowledgeable engineers at Sprayroq are ready to help you learn more about how their structural rehabilitation solution can benefit you! You can learn more about their system and products at sprayroq.com.

Areas of Focus

Sprayroq continues to provide high-quality structural rehabilitation solutions for municipalities, manufacturers, and other industrial facilities. Listed below are just a few of the many areas in which they specialize:

  • Structural Rehabilitation Structural Rehabilitation
  • Underground Structural Rehabilitation
  • Corrosion Barrier Linings
  • Polyurethane Infrastructure Lining
  • Engineered Structural Coatings
  • Fast Cure Structural Linings
  • Resin-Based Materials
  • Spray-Applied Equipment Systems
  • Structural Protective Lining Systems

Sprayroq Contact Information

You can learn more about the way Sprayroq is changing the way we view structural rehabilitation using the information listed below.


4766 Grantswood Road, Suite 150

Irondale, AL 35210

(205) 957-0020




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