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Soul Choice Ministries, a ministry founded by Bill Wiese, seeks to educate and inform individuals on the reality of hell and the afterlife. After a shocking experience many years ago, Bill Wiese decided to share his testimony through a book, 23 Minutes in Hell.

Upon its release, 23 Minutes in Hell quickly became a New York Times Best Seller. Bill Wiese knew that this was a sign that his story was needed! Leaving his career to pursue full-time ministry, Bill uses the platform of his book to share facts about hell. 

He hopes that the story shared in 23 Minutes in Hell will encourage readers to take a deeper life at the way they are living their lives. Knowing the reality of hell that awaits those who fail to put their trust in God, Bill Wiese hopes to inspire, educate, and encourage both believers and non-believers alike.

Areas of Focus

Soul Choice Ministries provides many other resources in addition to their book, 23 Minutes in Hell. Listed below are a few of the other ways they serve and educate individuals on important topics pertaining to both heaven and hell. 


  • 23 Minutes in Hell23 Minutes in Hell
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Church Conference Speaker
  • Online Resources About Hell
  • Books About Hell
  • Teachings on the Afterlife
  • Encouraging Religious Teachings
  • Ministry & Outreach¬†

Soul Choice Ministries Contact Information

Use the information listed below to learn more about Soul Choice Ministries, 23 Minutes in Hell, or any of their other resources.

Soul Choice Ministries

P.O. Box 26588

Santa Ana, CA 92799



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