Silo announces ‘Rebels to the Storm’ scholarship

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By Joey McWilliams

SILO – Tuesday night was Senior Night for the Silo basketball teams. The Silo administration chose that night to announce on a new scholarship opportunity for seniors.

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This spring, the ‘Rebels to the Storm’ scholarship will be given to a couple of seniors planning on attending Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Superintendent Kate McDonald said the scholarship is one that will be awarded not just on a student’s grades.

“It started with a contribution from a member of our community,” McDonald said. “The scholarship is for our students to apply for and we’re really wanting to key in on character. That’s one of the things we think is important as you go out into the workforce and as you just go out into life.”

A committee has already been set up to award the scholarships, which will be based on an application and essay about character.

“Any Silo senior can apply,” McDonald said. “We’re just going to do it on the best essay. You know, it doesn’t have to be a straight-A student. It could be just your hardworking student that has fought for everything they have. They can write us an essay and tell us the need for the scholarship, based on character. They can show us they’re hungry and they want that opportunity.”

She said also that although the committee may look at grades and attendance, those are not the only things at which it will look.

“It’s not totally based on grades. A lot of things are on your grades and you’re ACT, but this is not. We’re looking for that essay. How they can tell us how character has affected them, how it’s going to affect them and how it’s important to have good character qualities as you go into the workforce.”

The scholarship committee is still actively seeking donations to build up the fund.

McDonald said the amount awarded would be around $500 and this year there will be two recipients. However, both the monetary amount and number of recipients could grow if there are more finances raised.

To contribute to the Rebels to the Storm scholarship or for more information, please contact Silo ISD at (580) 924-7000 or email

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