Quilting is life

Photo by Charity Banks.

By Kristen Banks

People always ask me what I love most about quilting, and they’re usually surprised when I tell them, “It’s the people.” I think they expect me to talk about how much I love the fabric or the feel of a needle and thread in my hand. And while I do enjoy those things, that isn’t the reason I spend so much of my life making and ripping out seams.

What I’ve come to realize is, the greatest thing about quilting is the human interaction.

Now I know you might argue that you could find satisfying communication opportunities in most any hobby or business, or that a lot of people even find great contentment in sewing alone by themselves in their own home talking to no one but the walls, cat, or themselves. Those things are true, but I would propose that not all hobbies or businesses offer quite the same level of interpersonal bonding opportunities as quilting does.

There’s just something about walking the same path that others have walked for centuries before you. There’s something very gratifying about knowing that you’re a small part of a much larger picture. And there is nothing like the camaraderie of people who have faced the same obstacles and enjoyed the same accomplishments.

In fact, I’d say quilting is a lot like life. It’s a great symphony of highs and lows, failures and successes, challenges and rewards. It requires skill, courage, tenacity, and the determination to see a job through to its completion. Things don’t always go smoothly or turn out perfectly, but when you’ve given it your all and done your best work, you’ve hopefully left something beautiful behind that lasts long past you will.

And while quilting is great and feels a lot like life, it is not greater than the life-giver, our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s because of His legacy that we can wake up, face the day with courage, and enjoy those people and pastimes we hold so dear. I hope we never forget to appreciate and pass down the knowledge and passion for the things we cherish most, so that future generations can live in the same freedom and fulfillment that we enjoy today.

May we all choose to use our fabric and faith to finish our course, and leave our mark for good in this world.

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