Pride of Durant gets superior rating at OSSAA Regional Marching Contest

The Pride of Durant 2017-2018. Photo: Bart Granger.

By Joey McWilliams

YUKON – The Pride of Durant took the first step toward the prestigious “Sweepstakes” for an academic year and the band did it with the wind at their backs.

And their sides.

And in their faces.

On a windy morning in Yukon, the Pride marched its Alcatraz routine and earned a “1” for superior from each of the three judges at the OSSAA Regional Marching Contest.

Unlike other competitions in which the Pride has marched this season, there are no ratings or awards for individual sections in the band, such the percussion, dance team, etc. The three 1’s received by the Pride were for the overall performance.

Chris Gregg, director of the Pride, said he felt the kids did a great job through the challenge of the weather.

“The wind was terrible,” Gregg said. “They fought it and did really well.

“The show has been tough and it’s been touch and go as we’ve gone this season. So I really didn’t have any feelings one way or the other about how successful we’d be. I just knew the kids had worked hard. And I was very proud of them.”

This builds toward winning the Sweepstakes award. To win, a band must receive a 1 in each of the following: the Regional Marching Contest, the State Concert Contest and the State Sight-Reading Contest.

Additionally, the Pride has an opportunity to take that even one step further with its jazz band. If a band achieves the Sweepstakes award and then earns a 1 at the State Jazz Band Contest, it results in a Super Sweepstakes.

The Regional Marching Contest is the only one of those mentioned  n which the Pride will compete this semester. The rest will be in April.

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