Odell Headrick

On July 2,2023, Odis Odell Headrick, gained his wings and joined the angels in heaven.  Odell grew up in Caddo, Okla.  He lived on a farm helping the family with the harvest and getting it to market by horse and wagon. He once told a story of how it took twice to graduate from the eighth grade. The first time they got the wagon hitched up and started for school and a big thunderstorm came and they had to turn the wagon around and go back the next day.

He had his first coke when he was 10 years old, Aunt Gracie had bought it for him on Main Street and Third in Durant, Okla. He recalled it was the most refreshing wonderful stuff he had ever drank.

Odell enjoyed fishing, hunting, long country drives, football, basketball, and history. His favorite color was blue. His favorite time of year was the fall, he loved the colors of the leaves. He also loved good ole country home cooked meals. He enjoyed his long county rides with his son, Rodger, and telling stories of his childhood and where he grew up.  He also enjoyed having coffee on Sunday mornings with his grandson Anthony in the country on the porch admiring the scenery of country life. He loved the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering with his family and friends. He loved it when family and friends came from out of town and the get-togethers they would have and share stories. His favorite pastime was meeting with his friends at the coffee shop and seeing who could tell the biggest lie and the stories.

Odell loved animals.  He would pick up strays and bring them home to feed. His favorite dog’s name was buddy. Buddy loved Odell and was his protector. Buddy took every step that he took. Odell took care of him too, bringing him treats every day. Buddy now sits at home waiting for his best friend to return home.

Odell was born to love, protect and serve and he did it well, not only in his career path but in his everyday life as well. He loved his family and friends and would help a stranger on the street.

Odell was quite the athlete growing up. He once needed only 1 point to win an entire track meet by himself. He states that he could’ve done it, if the officials had let him run the mile relay as a solo participant. After graduation, he joined the United States Air Force.  He served in Aircraft Rescue.  He was also a golden glove boxer for the USAF, and you would know it if you ever saw him in action.  Protecting and serving his country was one of his greatest honors. 

Odell began his career in law enforcement on 09/04/1962 with the Durant Police Department.  After two and half years, he was elected to the position of Constable in 1965. In 1969, four years later, the State of Oklahoma changed the law and the Constable position no longer existed. Odell then returned to the Durant Police Department where he served as shift commander and retired as Captain. He trained, supervised, and mentored many law enforcement officers who went on to have long and successful careers.  He was often referred to by his nicknames “Big O” and “Double O”. He also served as a State Park Ranger for an additional 4 years after his retirement.

At the time of his death, he was the oldest living retired city police officer in the State of Oklahoma. According to many, he was a law enforcement legend in Bryan County. To his family, he is a legend in their hearts. Both will continue to live on.

He is survived by his daughter, Kathryn Headrick-Lucas, and her two children Anthony DeVore and his wife Gayla and their three children, Adain DeVore, Kaitlyn Fine and William Lindsey, Alaina Bounds and her two sons Alexander Kellam and Knox Bounds; his son, Rodger Dale and his wife Snoma Headrick and their four children, daughter Laura Phillips and her spouse Aaron and their son Jaired, daughters Autumn McLemore and Aimee Priesinger and her spouse Clint, son Joshua Headrick and his three children Makila, Joshlin and Jacob Headrick, daughter Kim Roquemore, spouse Jordan and daughter Evelynn; Odell’s stepchildren: Judy Mosley and her three children Gretchen, Eric, Justin. Tanya Hill and her daughter Tessa, daughter, Sabrina and her husband Joe Tambunga and their three children Maadhav, Bhoomiti, Dakshina; Odell’s brothers: Tommy and Johnny Jones and his cousin Wayne Lane and his wife Judy and Liz Jones; his great friends: Monty Montgomery, Jim Adair, Mickey McKnight, Bobby Dobbins, Dickie Kidd, Neighbor Louise Riley and so many, many others; and all his favorite waitresses at Wrights Drive Inn and Boomarang Diner.

Odell has touched so many people’s lives and knows that you are here with us today as well.

Odell will join his two sons: James and Joseph Headrick and their mother Bobbie Glover; his mother, Mildred Faye and Elmer Jones; sisters, Judy, Jannie; brother, Raymond Jones and Little Red; his chosen sisters he grew up with and their husbands: Maxine and Charles Lane, Mollie Wisner, Katie and L.J. Hankins, Georgie and Odie Bardwell, Gracie, and Frances. Granddaughter Barbara and his second wife Nell and her daughters Gail Tyree, Becky Springer, and all his old coffee shop buddies and all his friends throughout his journey life.

A memorial celebration of his life was held on Friday, July 7, 2023.

Arrangements under the direction of Holmes~Coffey~Murray.

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