New lane for traffic added in front of Durant Intermediate School

Staff photo.

By Joey McWilliams

DURANT – Another step has been taken to help with traffic issues in Durant.

New lines were painted on Saturday adding an official third lane on Washington Avenue between Chuckwa Drive and Waco Street, which is directly in front of the Durant Intermediate School, to the west of the campus.

Staff photo.

“I believe the City of Durant is doing that to help alleviate the traffic congestion that is really severe around the Intermediate School at the close of the school day during the school year,” said Aaron McCoy, DIS principal.

Traveling north, there is a lane specifically for turning right to get to the school. There is also a lane in which to drive straight through, for those drivers not needing to stop.

For drivers heading south, the street is now marked “No Left Turn.” This will mean those who have been used to turning straight into DIS off Washington from the north will need to get used taking a different route, possibly by turning left on Chuckwa and looping the school.

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