Broken Arrow Mosquito Control

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has its own special kind of weather, which grows its own special kind of mosquitos. As the people in Broken Arrow put it, “If you don’t like mosquitos, then stay indoors or go to another state.” 

If you and your family want to enjoy the summer outdoors, Mosquito Shield in Broken Arrow can help. All mosquito control services are not the same. Mosquito Shield treatments use an advanced system tailored to your yard. 

You can rest assured that we’re always going above and beyond for our customer’s needs with high-quality products, competitive prices, and Broken Arrow mosquito treatment services like you won’t find anywhere else. 

How You Can Benefit From Broken Arrow Mosquito Control Broken Arrow residents that want to keep their homes mosquito-free should call Mosquito Shield. We are the best providers of professional pest control solutions for all your needs. Our technicians are highly experienced and have received training from some of the top minds in the industry. We will find out how to best handle your mosquito problems and keep them from coming back. 

Mosquito Shields’s mosquito control products irritate the mosquitoes’ senses, driving them away from your property. The solutions are mostly natural with minimal control products. This gives our clients peace of mind. The shield prevents pesky insect infestation and helps you enjoy a mosquito-free lawn. 

Using professional mosquito control products is an important part of keeping your family safe. Mosquito Shield uses the precise treatment amount needed depending on weather and pest populations while balancing the need to kill mosquitoes in yards and keep your family away from the harmful diseases these pests carry with them. 

Broken Arrow Mosquito Control Plan 

Mosquito Shield will use a combination of organic and chemical pesticides that provide the most comprehensive mosquito or tick control service available to help you enjoy everything you love about being outside. 


  • Your money-back guarantee after the first visit.


  • After you join, your first visit will be scheduled within the first business day.


  • Before and after each visit, an email notification will be sent. 
  • You should notice a significant reduction within 24 hours of your first treatment. 


  • Depending on the mosquito population and weather conditions, a certified specialist will come to your property approximately every 10-17 days or as needed. We provide a full season of mosquito protection for a single price


  • Each spray contains a Rain ShieldTM, which is incorporated to ensure that the product can endure light rain to moderate showers and retains its efficacy.


Mosquito Shield has been around for twenty years. We are the only pest-control company in Oklahoma to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our company’s proprietary blend of natural ingredients with minimal control product, is the key to our mosquito repellent. From testing methods to application frequencies, these products have been designed with one goal: to create an effective and responsible solution for any treated property that will turn it into a haven from pesky mosquitoes.


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