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Monitoring Alarm Co-Op is a very unique company that handles monitoring for alarm companies. They are a not-for-profit business whose core value is to service wholesale alarm monitoring needs of alarms companies. As a Co-Op Monitoring America alarm is owned by the alarm companies they represent. Monitoring America operates differently than your average alarm company. Each individual alarm company is in control of how their accounts are handled. Every alarm company, regardless of size, pays the same price for each service they offer. Another great thing about this company is that everyone shares equal access to Monitoring America’s excellent response times. They have excellent customer service. They will partner with you to provide a personalized touch to your alarm system company!

Area’s of Focus

  • Wholesale alarm monitoring
  • Wholesale security monitoring
  • Wholesale central station
  • 3rd party alarm monitoring
  • 3rd party central station

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Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op

3025 South 116th East Avenue Tulsa OK 74129