Los Arcos is coming to Calera

Los Arcos owner Jorge Venegas is at work helping to build the arches on the new location in Calera to open in July. Staff photo.

Many Bryan County residents are fans of the Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Bokchito.

Those who live in the western and southern part of the county will soon have a much shorter trip to have a meal at the restaurant.

Owner Jorge Venegas and the crew are opening a second location in Calera.

“I’ve been calling it Los Arcos No. 2,” Venegas said.

“We’ve had a lot of customers in Calera and Durant and Mead and Madill that have been asking us to move over this way.”

Venegas said the tentative opening date for the new location, which is 306 E. Main St. and just east of the railroad tracks, is to be July 20, give or take a couple of days.

“We’re thinking about having later hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” Venegas said. “But that’s still up in the air.”

Meanwhile, customers can still enjoy the regular features at the original location in Bokchito.

“We serve any kind of Mexican food that you ask for and American food, too, like chicken fried steaks and hamburgers, cheeseburgers and all that good stuff,” Venegas said.

“But we’re going to be closing that one down for a little time to get this one going and then we’ll go back and reopen that one in Bokchito.”

The Los Arcos in Bokchito is at 104 E. Main and will be closing down temporarily after July 4 or 5.

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