Help Wanted: Full-Time Dispatcher/Flex Van Driver

Help Wanted: Full-Time Dispatcher/Flex Van Driver

Must be at least 21 years old. Responsible for receiving and logging calls for transportation services from the public. Responsible for dispatching vans to transport customers. Maintains radio contact with in-service vans, issues tickets to drivers and record required data. Collects data and implements all directions from Transit Director to Route Supervisor.

As a Van Driver: Responsible for (1) transportation of passengers on both dispatch and established route bases; (2) the safety and wellbeing of passengers during loading and unloading, as well as during transport; (3) passenger fare collection and completion of passenger logs; (4) vehicle logs and all other written documentation required by the program; (5) the maintenance and upkeep of vehicles; (6) implementing the proper use of ADA lefts and tie downs; and (7) practicing all safety measures at all times.

Must be proficient in basic math and English skills. Prefer experience with dispatching or other radio contact activities. Experience in working with the public in a cooperative setting with other employees a plus. Must have and maintain an accident-free driving record. Must possess a valid Oklahoma driver’s license. Must have a clear background. Prefer driving experience in all weather conditions, knowledge of the area and vehicle mechanical knowledge. Must submit to drug testing and be in accordance with the FTA Drug and Alcohol guidelines.

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