HBI Global Partners Are Following the Call: India Church Planters!

With a mission to fulfill the Great Commission by developing partnerships with the North American church to reach the unreached of India and beyond, HBI Global Partners has been growing and working for over 65 years. Their goal is to give every man, woman, boy and girl an opportunity to hear, understand, and respond to the Gospel and be discipled into communities of believers within their own context so that Christ is radiated in everything they do. HBI Global Partners

Did you know India holds one-fifth of the world’s population? With one-third of the world’s unreached people groups? There are over 1600 mother tongues and 700 different dialects in the country. HBI Global Partners is doing their part to reach the people of India, to give them an opportunity to hear the Gospel and become disciples of Christ.

Areas of Focus

With a main goal to reach the people of India and plant churches that last, HBI accomplishes this through several different strategies. Here are some of the areas they focus on:

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Since 1987, HBI Global Partners has planted over 11,000 churches in 23 states in India – with that number growing daily. Through carefully designed programs, several thousand people have heard the Gospel and have been discipled in Christ. If this is something you’d like to be a part of, or would like to know how to donate to the cause, contact HBI Global Partners today!

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