Great expectations

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I have been married, to my amazing wife, for almost four years now. I am fully convinced that 90 percent of our conflicts within marriage can find their root in unmet or unrealistic expectations.


Expectations can be a funny thing. Most of the time you are ignorant that you even have them. If you think about it, we have expectations in all areas of our lives. Sunday morning is not immune to these expectations. Plenty of Christians attended a church service this morning. But what are we expecting when we walked through those building doors? What are we hoping to happen as we sit in chairs to listen or sing?


I am reminded of the man that lay outside of the beautiful gate begging in the book of Acts (Acts 3:1-10). He was expecting alms from Peter and John, which would have been a successful day in his mind. But Peter got his full attention (Acts 3:4) and totally reoriented this man’s expectations. What is provided within a relationship with Jesus Christ sends an atomic bomb into our natural expectations for all areas of our lives. This man thought he needed money but ultimately needed an experience with Jesus Christ that would turn his world upside down.


With that said, let’s revisit our question from earlier. What are Christians expecting when they gather with the saints on Sunday mornings? A well-organized event? Good music? Uplifting preaching? Free coffee? My main point is this: if Christians are not expecting God to speak to them personally when they come to a church’s gathering, then they are totally missing the purpose of why God has called His people to gather on a regular basis (Hebrews 10:24-25).


When the name of Jesus Christ is exalted and praised, whether in song or reading, and God’s inspired Word is proclaimed we NEED to expect God to speak to us. I am working with the assumption that your church is preaching the whole counsel of God’s word (Acts 20:27), which is a topic I am sure we will address in another article at another time, but for now let’s assume this together.


Also, to be clear I am not saying that churches should not strive for excellence in the areas of music, teaching, and organization. What I am saying is that most Christians come to the church’s service with expectations that are natural not supernatural. We should expect God to move in our minds and hearts as we gather with other Christians to be equipped and encouraged to live out our mission that Jesus has called us to.


Hopefully this is freeing to you. You can avoid the mundane and religious ditch that most Christians feel Sunday after Sunday. When God’s people gather together, in humility, with one common purpose in mind then we will transformation in our own lives and within the communities we live in.


I challenge you to walk into whatever church you are a member of next Sunday and have GREAT EXPECTATIONS for God to speak to you!


Brandon Morales McCain
Teaching Elder/Lead Pastor
LakePoint Community Church

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