Durant Police Department releases statement about local scam

Durant Police Department

BRYAN COUNTY – Over the past week, the Durant Police Department has taken three fraud reports about a scam involving warrants. In each case, the victim received a phone call from a “deputy with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office”.  In all three cases, the victims are out a substantial amount of money.

The victim is advised they have a warrant for failing to honor a court subpoena. To avoid arrest, the victim can post bond in the form of a Green Dot prepaid credit cards.

This scam is very complex in the sense the caller has information which makes it sound very plausible. The caller identifies themselves as an actual member of the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, and they reference an actual Bryan County District Court Judge. The caller also has personal information of the victim to include family members, and home and business addresses.  The calls appear in the caller ID as coming from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office.

Please see the following statement from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

“The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office will not contact you by phone and tell you that you have a warrant. We also do not take payments for warrants. Those payments should be made to the Court Clerk located at the Bryan County Court House.

“If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a deputy or police officer and they tell you that there is a legal issue you need to resolve please call the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office at 580-924-3000” 

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