Durant ISD to require visitors to present state-issued ID

Graphic courtesy DISD.


DURANT – During the week of Feb. 26, 2018, Durant Independent School District will launch a new visitor check-in system. SchoolSafeID will better ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff. All visitors will be required to present a valid state-issued ID to obtain a visitor’s pass to enter a school or check out students.

Visitor information will be checked against the national database of registered sex offenders. Anyone without a state-issued ID will not be permitted to enter past the main office without an escort. Visitors will be able to drop items off or visit the front office without an ID.

“This is a proactive measure that helps provide a safe environment for students and staff,” Superintendent Duane Merideth said.

SchoolSafe ID will be managed via a kiosk housed in the main office of each campus. The process will begin at Durant Middle School and the District anticipates roll-out at all other campuses by mid-March. A touchscreen will guide visitors through the check-in process, requiring them to scan their driver’s licenses. After initial registration, visitors may set-up a “digital pass” on their mobile phone for future visits. Schools then have the ability to send messages or notifications to individuals who opt to participate.

On April 12, parents who have not registered will have an opportunity to setup their registration and create their digital IDs for each campus while attending parent/teacher conferences. A separate registration is required for each campus. We understand that it may take a little longer in the initial registration and appre- ciate your patience during this process.

In an era of tight educational budgets, the funding for SchoolSafeID was made possible by the community through bond monies earmarked for increased and upgraded security on our campuses. Durant ISD greatly appreciates our community members and their continued support of our students and staff.

For more information about Durant Public Schools implementation of SchoolSafeID, please call 580-924- 1276 or visit www.durantisd.org. For more information about SchoolSafeID, please visit www.schoolsafeid.com or call 405-503-3207.

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