Durant Communications and Bryan County 911 Dispatch CAD system update goes live today

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City of Durant
Kelli Simmons

DURANT – Durant Communications and Bryan County 911 Dispatchers began using an upgraded Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system during calls Tuesday starting at 9 a.m.

“The new CAD software upgrade interface is more user-friendly and 911 Dispatchers now have quicker access to critical data,” Durant’s IT Director Brenton Rucker said.

911 Dispatchers completed training last week and said the new system makes getting help to residents faster and more simple. All the information needed to send assistance is now on just one monitor.

“The screen we’re working from is more organized visually,” said 911 Dispatcher Elizabeth Phelps. We can see the calls that have been previously dispatched to a residence easier because they are separated out from the calls that have not been dispatched yet.”

The new Motorola Flex System is all-in-one giving 911 Dispatchers access to both State and local police records.

“With data from the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (OLETS) now integrated, there is no more switching between two different databases,” DPD Chief David Houser said.

Another clear advantage of having this new system in place is that Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS First Responders in Durant and Bryan County will be better informed and have enhanced situational awareness before arriving on scene.

“This new CAD system means faster access to information which means faster response times and during an emergency, every second counts,” Phelps said.

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