Diana, Simba take center stage at the Magnolia Theatre

Wonder Woman (L-Jenna McWilliams) confronts Dr. Poison (R-Ally Thomas) as Ares (Colton Russell) enters. Staff photo.

DURANT – The 2017 edition of the Magnolia Theatre once again had talent on loan from the Oklahoma Spakespearean Festival.

This year, the group presented performances of the Lion King and a Tribute to Wonder Woman.

The Magnolia Theatre has been performing at the Festival for six years and this is the second summer with performers from the OSF.

OSF producing director Riley Risso Coker said this summer there is new flair.

“This year we also incorporated some of our participants from the Children’s Theatre into it,” Coker said.

OSF not only gives its audiences great performances, both on the Southeastern campus and now in the Choctaw Event Center, but also it has benefited from being a part of the Magnolia Theatre, as well.

“We’ve gained a lot of exposure being out here,” Coker said. “It’s a completely different demographic of people that usually come to the theater and we’ve been able to really get the word out that OSF is alive and well and on the campus in June and July, in case they want to participate in Children’s Theatre or Young Actor’s Studio, but also to have quality entertainment in the month of July.”

Magnolia Theatre cast (with roles in Wonder Woman [WW] and the Lion King [LK]):

Emma Burkhart – WW; Ed, LK
Justice Graham – Batman, WW; Mufasa, LK
Chloe Henderson – Young Diana, WW; Banzai, LK
Jenna McWilliams – Diana, WW; Nala, LK
Matt Rizzo – Timon, LK
Colton Russell – Ares, WW; Rafiki, LK
Jarrett Self – Steve Trevor, WW; Simba, LK
Kenzie Singleton – Caliope, WW; Sarabi, LK
Kelly Smith – Athena, WW; Scar, LK
Ally Thomas – Hippolyta and Dr. Poison, WW; Pumbaa, LK
Bella Walters – WW; Shinzi, LK
Sarah Wilhite – General and Black Canary, WW; Zazu, LK

Top (L-R): Sarah Wilhite, Jarrett Self, Jenna McWilliams. Bottom: Chloe Henderson, Bella Walters, Emma Burkhart. Staff photo.

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